About JDBIMS Visiting Faculty

At JDBIMS, your weekends will be devoted to attending lectures delivered by professionals from a spectrum of fields - senior managers, lawyers, chartered accounts, senior directors of other institutes and other such revered professionals.

Interaction with this faculty will widen your knowledge base and lend a practical viewpoint to your theoretical know-how. Every year, we our carefully chosen visiting faculty dedicate their weekends to discussing real-life work cases and how you can apply managerial theories to arrive at business solutions. 


1) Prof. H.P. Ranina
2) Prof. Shailesh Kale
3) Prof. Ravi Raman
4) Dr. Prasad Ramnathan
5) Dr. J. K. Sachdeva
6) Prof. Pradnya Sardesai
7) Prof. Mukund Prasad
8) Prof . Hariprasad M.P.
9) Ms. Pooja  Kanther
10) Neil Sequeira
11) Prof. Jasmine Kemkar
12) Prof. Nisha Telang 
13) Hrushikesh Kulkarni
14) Prof. Deepak Godbole
15) Prof. D. Emmanuel 
16) Prof. Uday Taradalkar
17) Prof. Ramnarayan Parhi
18) Ms. Niharica Dutt
19) Mrs. Deepa Naik
20) Ms. Riddhi Bhandari
21)  Ms. Sarika Rachuri
22) Prof. Mohandas K. Nair
23) Prof. Devendra Bhatt
24) Prof. Ajit Kurvey
25) Prof. Vivekanand Pawar
26) Prof. Aarti Maduskar
27) Prof. Krishnamuthy Iyer