Mentorship under Mr. Shekhar Bajaj


Kajal Gupta
MBA 2014-16
JDBIMS, SNDT Women’s University.

Our institute Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies believes mentoring to MBA candidates is one of the ways to nurture and guide them throughout the course in achieving their goals and to get a better position in this competitive environment. Students are encouraged to drive their relationships with mentors. Every Student is allotted mentors having an excellent career and experience in industry; as per the area of interest of the students.

Around six students from the field of Finance, Marketing and HR were allotted under Mr. Shekhar Bajaj, The Managing Director of Bajaj Electricals, as their Mentor. It was quite fortunate to have such as an experienced and down to earth person as our mentor who is also the trustee of our Institute.

As per the convenience of the Mentor and allotted students, it was decided to meet on 10th February, 2015 at 11p.m in Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point. We were asked to settle down in the conference room provided with snacks. Mr. Bajaj asked us to introduce ourselves to create an amicable environment as he could guide us in the best possible ways. Every student started sharing their Goals, Educational Background qualifications, achievements; he was succeed in creating a friendly atmosphere and everybody started sharing their experiences which helped him in guiding at an individual level to achieve their objectives. He believed that mentor is a friend, father, brother who will always be ready to direct for the right path. He guided us about how to achieve our dreams; he said that “There is no shortcut for success, work hard and you will be paid.” We were also asked if there are proper facilities provided in the institute or any other assistance needed he would be there to assist. He taught us the art of networking and how to craft a strong resume. His experience was a motivational force which driven everyone in achieving the peak of success. It was a fruitful experience, before leaving for lunch at 1p.m he gifted us a novel by Anjali Khanna as token wrapped with best wishes to be successful.

After such an interactive session, we had built a propitious bond. There was proper Indian thali arranged for us, it was our dream to have an inspirational time with such a huge personality and it was been fulfilled. It was a privileged to meet Mr. Bajaj and as he had a busy schedule it was decided to stay in touch through mails if any queries we get across. He asked us to see the entire empire and it was indeed a fabulous empire. We are very grateful to our college guide Ms. Geetha Sarvana and Director Dr. TJ. Mathew for such a delightful experience.

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