Welcome Home, JDBIMS Alumni

JDBIMS is in the process of creating an Association of its Alumnae and Women Professionals at large. This association aims to create a large network of women professionals for addressing and supporting the needs of women professionals. The support may be in the form of mentoring, helping woman professional to get back to work after a break, find a new job, help change professions, etc. ‘Networking and Mentoring’ is the mantra of the times. There is a felt need for an anchor around which women professionals can unite. JDBIMS strives to address this need. 

The perceived benefits are as follows: 

1. Wide Professional Network Association with JDBIMS will ensure networking opportunities with peers and mentors. The networking can provide opportunities for new as well as advancements in career. 

2. Career Guidance and Opportunities • On a common platform, alumni and other professionals can share information on vacancies or posts available with companies. • Guidance can be sought from senior professionals who are currently on board as mentors. • Exploring opportunities after a break 

3. Learn or Teach • Invitation as visiting faculty • Invitation to mentor the current batches • Courses or Management Development Programme on demand • Research Opportunity in collaboration with JDBIMS 

4. Campus Benefits • Library • Use of JDBIMS premises for entrepreneurial initiatives 

5. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) These groups can be started by the members of the association with a specific purpose. For example, Entrepreneurship Cell, Innovation Club, etc.


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