Statutory and Advisory Committees

I. The Local Management Committee 

The SNDT WU has created a local Management Committee (LMC) with two experts from the Industry and one member of the Management Council of the SNDT WU to guide the Institute in new directions, futuristic dimensions and help develop new programmes and consultancy and outreach activities. The members are: 1. Dr. Reeta Sonawat (Member Management Council, SNDT WU) 2. Mr. K.C. Shashidhar (Consultant, Expert Member) 3. Dr. Neil Sequeira (VP, HR Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, Expert Member). 

II. Anti-ragging Committee 

JDBIMS takes a strict measure against students who instigate any physical or mental abuse to the new students. JDBIMS has an anti-ragging committee that proactively dissuades senior students from doing anything a unacceptable to the junior students. The stated policy is that JDBIMS has zero tolerance for ragging. The Members are: 1. Dr. T. Geetha 2. Dr. Nitin Wani 3. Dr. Saroj Datar 4. Mr. Yogesh Telugu III. 

III. Departmental Quality Assurance Cell (DQAC) 

The Departmental Quality Assurance Cell (DQAC) is focused on improving the overall quality of all the offerings of JDBIMS and also addresses the grievances of the stakeholders with respect to the quality of service provided by JDBIMS. The Members are: 1. Dr. Kavita Laghate (Director, JBIMS, MU, Expert Member) 2. Dr. Prasad Ramanathan (Associate Vice-President (Software) at IGATE Global Solutions, Expert Member) 

IV. Departmental Research Committee 

JDBIMS seeks to improve the quality of research and volume of research that the faculty and students undertake. The Departmental Research Committee will create policies and guidelines and support JDBIMS in its research endeavors. It would work towards increasing substantially the research output and publications of JDBIMS. The Members are: 1. Dr. J.K. Sachdeva ( Consultant, Expert Member) 2. Ms. Pooja Kanther (Media Director (Research & Insights) - Omnicom Media Group, Expert Member) 

V. Departmental Ethics Committee 

JDBIMS believes in doing the right things in the right way. A public, academic institution that JDBIMS is, brings on it huge responsibilities from moral and ethical points of view. The fact that a stellar business family has lent the name of its grandmother to JDBIMS is an indication how much the Bajaj Family esteems SNDT Women’s University. JDBIMS would always strive to uphold the onerous responsibility both the SNDT WU and the society places on it. The Ethics Committee would guide in all its endeavours. The Members are: 1. Mr. Ernest Fernandes (Consultant, Expert Member) 2. Mr. Bazil Shaikh (Consultant, Expert Member)

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