Message from JDBIMS Director

I wish to thank for being part of JDBIMS, SNDTWU, Mumbai. We have been imparting quality and value education in management studies for last 20 years, over thousands of students have graduated since its inception in 1997.

JDBIMS is one of the unique institute, where only women can get enrolled and empowered themselves through management education. They are trained to become young leaders/ managers in constantly raised standard of business sectors, to   contribute in dynamic development of the business world. We prepare them to be better among the best, completing the motto of the SNDT Women's University, which is-  Sanskrita Stree Parashakti (An enlightened women is a source of Infinite strength). 

At JDBIMS students are expected to learn and enrich themselves with life- turning experiences which enable them to reach new heights of their professional life. Along with hectic busy curricular activities, students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular and extra -curricular activities. 

JDBIMS has experience academicians who have expertise themselves in their respective area of interest in management education.  We emphasize on teamwork & getting synergy, which help the students to imbibe the spirit of shared trust, love and respect. 

Our aim is to hone students' skills to empower them with holistic business and value perspectives that compare with the world.  

I am confident that during your stay you will become skillful professionals. 

It is always pleasure to welcome you in our green campus,  financial capital of India , Mumbai.   

Warm Regards 

Dr. Meera Shanker  


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